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As parachute touches ground, the strategy
evolves into a set of results driven by consumer
engagement activities. The canopy, covering
the ground, symbolizes inclusiveness, and a
personalized touch designed to cover the
consumer and their community. The Parachute
Model takes into account a broad macro-level
strategy, yet focuses on a specific patient
population to improve health outcomes and
lower cost.

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HCDI maintains an internal design department
known as the HCDI Creative Group. This branch of
the organization develops dynamic design solutions
by implementing a comprehensive understanding
of emerging technologies in the graphic design,
brand identity and web development environments
for both internal and external clients.

HealthCare Dynamics International

HCD International is an award-winning, health care management and technology consulting firm committed to providing outstanding professional services to both public and private sector clients. Exceeding the expectations of each customer, HCDI promises to transcend the customary boundaries of service and provide exceptional, health related, technology enabled and customized solutions to every client.

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